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4/5/2010 2:30:00 PM
Come check Negative Sky out at the Starland Ballroom April 24th! 15 bands remain and THEY WANT TO GO ON WARPED TOUR so come out and vote! Free CD with Ticket purchase! Come check them out!
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11/22/2004 8:47:00 PM
HEY! whats up homie!
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11/14/2004 4:10:00 PM
haha...thnx for the comment!
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11/14/2004 4:09:00 PM
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11/12/2004 1:31:00 PM
hey, whats up. how goes it? do anything cool this week?
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11/7/2004 3:09:00 PM
beloved is playing? i love them. they are awesome! i got a new guitar yesterday! oooooohhh its soo nice! now my emo songs sound good! umm. yeah...i saw the incredibles last night, it was really good! you should see it!
havev fun!!
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11/6/2004 2:24:00 PM
whats up dawg?? how goes it?
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11/3/2004 6:33:00 PM
you should AIM me when you see that im on! cus... yeah. it would be better!
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11/3/2004 3:29:00 PM
hehe ! hay! ohh man im like way confused on this site! blehh ♥
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11/2/2004 6:15:00 PM
emo? that sucks. i hate feeling emo. its not the funnest thing in the world. so.. buck up pal! dont be sad, or dwell on sad things. it will all lead to more sad things. sleeping makes me feel better! i took a nap yesterday by kriky! yea.. it was good.. umm... soo.. no more emo!!! ok? cool
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11/2/2004 12:56:00 AM
hey hey, i got the new tbs cd today! im lovin it!
whats up. how are you?
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10/30/2004 4:00:00 PM
too bad we dont live near eachother,. that would be awesome. too bad i meet a bunch of cool folks on this site and will never meet the,.... teer* haha- emo moment..
iim gunna go see team america today.. it will be swell. and im gonno get a new cell.. awesome! mine is a gay fag and never works! i hate technology sometimes.. GRR!!! i just went and got some mexican food! MmMmMmM! good stuff!
later <3
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10/30/2004 2:50:00 AM
HAHA! right on for her.. thats so great! rap isnt music, there are no instraments. there are fat black ladys in the videos who shouldnt be wearing what they are wearing! grose!!! eww!
ok.. now that is ...... uhhhh....

ok.. later...<3
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10/29/2004 2:25:00 AM
hey hey. yeah. today i blasted oU in my car today. it was grand. i love them... some stupid guy was playing his rap earlier in the week so i turned up my dead poetic! hahaha! sucka! rap is the shniznit!
hmm.. yeah.. later.. <3
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10/28/2004 2:51:00 AM
thx. your band list kicks butt too. i love photography! its the best. your so hip!
TrustxIsxDead 0 posts
10/26/2004 2:50:00 PM
Yeah I went to Senses Fail/Silverstein Saturday, and I have my ticket for The Used/The Bled/The Bronx, and I don't know about MCR because they're playing with Story of The Year, and I hate them. Anyways, an awesome band list there.
Casey Marie 0 posts
10/25/2004 10:06:00 PM
=] thank you dear.
yes. they are amazing. <3 times 10.

++ i love your image caption. mcr like woa~
casey marie
coastal elite 0 posts
10/24/2004 8:57:00 PM
Hahah, thanks. I'm all about racking up the points, fershure.
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10/24/2004 5:51:00 PM
dead hero 0 posts
10/22/2004 9:49:00 PM
cant go wrong with 92 cent shows and my chemical romance
a heartshot lie 0 posts
10/22/2004 6:33:00 AM
of course i do......thats awesome that you like them....not too many people do....most people hate them
dead hero 0 posts
10/21/2004 9:14:00 PM
its not a fasion statement its a fucking death wis great song by my chemical romance good choice in music
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