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Left In Kowloon
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CarolynSelena215 0 posts
3/10/2005 7:48:00 PM
wow im so sorry i didnt know that...and you were at the mall friday night werent you...?
FNdrumr 0 posts
3/3/2005 4:31:00 PM
hey thanks man...we have some new tracks on myspace if you wanna check them out www.myspace.com/fromnothing let me know what you think.
FNdrumr 0 posts
3/1/2005 1:27:00 PM
whats going on man?
beauty so illogical 0 posts
2/7/2005 6:13:00 AM
i love himsa ...

there awesome

whats up?
beauty so illogical 0 posts
2/5/2005 4:25:00 PM
nice band list you got there

bleeding romance 0 posts
1/20/2005 8:32:00 PM
do you know what cjs myspace thingy is????
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
1/14/2005 7:25:00 PM
aww...i know how the hell are you doing...whats new...i see u have some pics up finally lol well wb...? <3 carolyn
whathavewedone 0 posts
1/14/2005 5:35:00 PM
i got my ears to a four.
babe in toyland 0 posts
1/14/2005 12:01:00 AM
bitch you dont call me that
whathavewedone 0 posts
1/13/2005 10:09:00 AM
hey gorgeous
im in school right now sitting here being bored
im on a laptop.. becase i am cool like that
lol its the schools
whats going on ?
hows your ear?
{all~life~dies} 0 posts
1/10/2005 9:16:00 PM
hey eddie
whathavewedone 0 posts
1/9/2005 9:33:00 PM
hey loser
i havent talked to you in a WHILE
i might get back on aim
if you are on im me beyatch
myXbleedingXromance 0 posts
1/6/2005 5:37:00 PM
Hey! What's up? Comment me back If you want.

Ashley <33
delirium_trigger 0 posts
1/5/2005 9:45:00 PM
This is super delayed, but yeah, I went to Cardinal Dougherty. IM me - ROCKED s1lent.
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/31/2004 2:36:00 AM
hey i changed my name for like the FIDDY MILLIONTH TIME
i havent talked to you in a while
you should im me.. NOW
well ttyl
Death By Dust 0 posts
12/27/2004 6:03:00 PM
add me dork ... [it's Pam ... I made a new one]
ThisIsWhoIam 0 posts
12/26/2004 4:30:00 PM
hahah loser!!! well whats goin on gansta! holla back!

JeNnOwNsMe 0 posts
12/26/2004 11:13:00 AM
DoRkFaCe ... yeah, I'm on here but never do a thing about it ... it's the kinda site checked once every other month lol. call the cellular sometime slut <3
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/26/2004 4:12:00 AM
yes i love waltzing with murderers
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/26/2004 4:00:00 AM
yes. good job
will you do the waltz with me. even though i am your killer?

whathavewedone 0 posts
12/26/2004 3:51:00 AM
merry christmas.
im too late.
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/24/2004 11:25:00 PM
i did have a shit load. i was jk-ing (that was typed to sound queer).. merry christmas moFUCKAH!
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
12/24/2004 5:00:00 PM
MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!!
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/24/2004 3:36:00 PM
is that a good thing to have a shit load of fun? i mean i would love to have fun.. but a shit load? hrm. i dont think i want that.
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/23/2004 2:08:00 AM
it was fun talking to you tonight
have fun at school tomorrow SUCKA
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/22/2004 2:25:00 AM
i like your old name too (the shotgun message) norma jean is awesome.
whathavewedone 0 posts
12/21/2004 4:24:00 PM
i love your name.
pooblack 0 posts
12/7/2004 4:32:00 PM
yo nigga
ThisIsWhoIam 0 posts
11/27/2004 8:28:00 PM
awesome..i know where that is........its not far
ThisIsWhoIam 0 posts
11/27/2004 3:10:00 PM
ummmm........near northeast high school...
ThisIsWhoIam 0 posts
11/26/2004 5:14:00 PM
ThisIsWhoIam 0 posts
11/26/2004 10:58:00 AM
hey there..thanks....i like the bands you listen to aswell..i live in the northeast area...how bout you???
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/25/2004 2:01:00 PM
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/12/2004 11:32:00 PM
hi...were you at the mall today...? cuz well i was there bt no one came up to me so yeah...well wb t2yl bye byes <3 carolyn
X Remember Me X 0 posts
11/12/2004 11:18:00 PM
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/12/2004 1:08:00 PM
o that sucks u have school...lol my school didnt have school 2day cuz well they decided they didnt want to (ftchs) wow tis commenting is annoying but ur not on so lol im leaving u yet another comment...well i have to wait for my friend mandiy to get back from school too so yeah i guess ill see ya there....lol i have no clue what u look like so just look for the girl with the purple hair witha girl with pink and blonde hair...if u cant find me clal my cell and say hi this is ed...lol and ill meet u somewhere...<3 carolyn
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/11/2004 1:21:00 PM
HI...me and awkward moments(mandiy) are gonna go to the neshaminey mall 2morrow night...lol juts uh comment me back and let me know what time ur going <3 carolyn
n30n x gl0stixx 0 posts
11/11/2004 1:13:00 PM
i know a CJ... but i dunno his last name... and i know him from my school....
X Remember Me X 0 posts
11/9/2004 11:39:00 PM
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/9/2004 7:51:00 PM
haha im back from the game and my team lost against...rador?? ok then some surburban team...owell..eyah this commenting is annoying(so here i go typing another comment...lol)but same oes for you...my sn in xac1dxt3ar5x or violetglostick...i tried to im u but...u werent on...well tootles <3 carolyn
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/9/2004 3:59:00 PM
im gonna be at the soccer game at NORTHEAST 2day my schools playing them...(Franklin Towne Charter) my friend asked me to go cuz he's on the team...well hmm if u decide to go look for a girl withpurple hair...my names carolyn...lol well t2yl bye byes <3 carolyn
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/8/2004 5:17:00 PM
ooo lol sorry i ahve no clue what buildings ur tlaking about...but i think i know where northeast is...it that near the sk8shop????
CarolynSelena215 0 posts
11/7/2004 11:22:00 PM
i live in frankford near whitehall skatepark...do you know where that is?...where do u live??
Killa MJ 0 posts
11/6/2004 6:02:00 PM
Haha. I love your user name!
Kayluh__* 0 posts
11/4/2004 9:20:00 PM
heyhey, thanks! and ill tell yea waht i think of yea laters!
Kayluh__* 0 posts
11/3/2004 7:46:00 PM
heyhey, got any pics?
Shay Bassman 0 posts
11/3/2004 2:00:00 AM
Do you know what it means to believe?! Find Out at www.luxrock.com
dignity? 0 posts
11/1/2004 12:02:00 AM
why thank you, you too <3
XxThExBridExX 0 posts
10/31/2004 2:18:00 PM
They are fucking insane, i do enjoy them.
XxThExBridExX 0 posts
10/30/2004 9:03:00 AM
Hells yeah bitches hahaha
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/30/2004 1:15:00 AM
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/30/2004 1:11:00 AM
=0 oh noooo you just didnt girlfriend lol
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/30/2004 1:00:00 AM
shush Ed you smell like jesus
smilin flash 0 posts
10/29/2004 11:53:00 PM
i wish i lived in philly, i'm in a suburb of it. like the west chester region
Nicky 0 posts
10/28/2004 9:02:00 AM
yours isn't that bad either.
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/28/2004 2:21:00 AM
i shall do that if i can find it sir jesus
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/27/2004 11:10:00 PM
*hugs you back* i love you too,and stop calling me rosie,EDWARD!
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/27/2004 11:01:00 PM
hi Ed *waves back*
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/24/2004 11:44:00 PM
*poke* woooo yay for the retarded comment
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/22/2004 4:53:00 AM
Left In Kowloon 0 posts
10/22/2004 4:41:00 AM
aw i love you to rose
babe in toyland 0 posts
10/22/2004 4:31:00 AM
uhmmm....feel free to IM me if you wish..muthafuckas
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