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AntiEmoBoi 0 posts
6/25/2005 5:04:00 AM
hey girl gimme your number again...pm it or something...or if you want you can call my cell...anytime...214-2255....
AntiEmoBoi 0 posts
6/25/2005 4:50:00 AM
hey ima gonna give you a call soon...im going to florida saturday for like a week...surf trip...
razzntazz6 0 posts
4/1/2005 7:06:00 PM
mmmm good
PtownAnarchy420 0 posts
1/1/2005 5:19:00 PM
PtownAnarchy420 0 posts
1/1/2005 5:18:00 PM
hey kid!
ihearthasselhoff 0 posts
12/20/2004 12:09:00 PM
hey thank you, and you have very good bands yourself.
December..I..Justice 0 posts
12/7/2004 6:29:00 PM
lol Marilyn was a beauty wasnt she lol

Santa baby just slip a sable under the tree
For me.......:):)

**$ThiS MonTh$**
jessemo 0 posts
12/2/2004 5:23:00 PM
well howdy there. yeah i havent talked to you in a hot month. well i am going to emery so if you are going i will see you there.!!!!
EMOkidd15 0 posts
12/1/2004 7:42:00 PM
Haha ok thats cool, we can do that, lol
Zachary 0 posts
12/1/2004 5:10:00 PM
aww how cute haha. yeah, whats going on? hows life and stuff
cheeba messiah 0 posts
12/1/2004 4:28:00 PM
wasabi! just chillin, were takin a break with shows now to prep for the cd release, well were playing one show with crossbreed but thats about it for a while.

i like the new pics, so whatcha been up to?
PtownAnarchy420 0 posts
11/7/2004 1:11:00 AM
JACK-EEEEE!!! LOL. Whats up punk. hows ur weekend been?
MeatLoafPastries 0 posts
10/30/2004 1:51:00 PM
jackie is the coolest thing since sliced bread and bagels. BILL OF RIGHTS
cheeba messiah 0 posts
10/29/2004 4:39:00 PM
well in about 2 weeks we're playing south carolina, georgia and then back to florida. the only connection we really have in virginia is through the band "far-less". so one of these days we'll make it that way.
cheeba messiah 0 posts
10/29/2004 10:04:00 AM
yea, eighteen visions is where its at!
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 8:49:00 PM
used to..not recently though. i coulda gone to senses fail, silverstein, moneen, hawthorne heights tonight for free and brought someone for free but i didn't have anyone to go with.
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 8:32:00 PM
i know. my band has a song called jackie surrenders. i think its about either some girl jackie getting killed by her b/f or a girl named jackie killing her bf haha
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 8:24:00 PM
well you can be my second best long distance friend haha...my g/f whose in NC right now is my first but you can be my second
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 8:14:00 PM
well you should cuz i have no friends
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 8:10:00 PM
i know im awesome
Zachary 0 posts
10/27/2004 3:15:00 PM
i don't like the word peeped...maybe...stalking you..i mean....whats up?
coastal elite 0 posts
10/27/2004 2:40:00 PM
People at your school listen to terrible music.
lostatsea 0 posts
10/25/2004 11:07:00 PM
hello jackie....

why the heck did you start a whole new account?
The things i love. My friends,family,starbucks(a must have),the beach,summertime when everyones home,smell of suntan lotion, cuddling, lotion,lipgloss,makeup,the few friends that are there thru everything,driving in the car by myself the windows down.music up and singing as loud as i can(its a fun thing to do),shopping,goin to shows, shoes,arizona green tea, scarves,my converse,vans too,meeting new people, movies,Music, commercials,taking and looking at pictures, steak,granola bars, theres more.______ Things i dislike. Some people,School,cell phones (there annoying even though i have one),sitting at someones house with nothing to do and then deciding on going to wal mart becuz we have no life(no names here haha *cough* JOSH *cough*,having no money no job and no car,pizza,ice cream, cake. ok im over doing this for now. _______ Sometimes i believe i have a disorder where u just hate being bored becuz i always am. I hate when people tell me what do and think im not gunna get a attitude with them. Im not a bitch unless u want me to be. I can be loud and obinoxious but thats just me, i have a tendency to talk in class alot when i should be learning, i get along with just about anyone unless they have a problem with me, i have a habit of saying " i geuss" and "heck yea" weird but true, some people say i complain to much so i started agreeing,I dislike animals but i love peta,this doesnt mean im a vegan or anything okay, everyone tells me i eat out to much but i just love the taste of fastfood,My mom gets mad when i get money becuz i blow it on worthless junk such as clothes and such sorts,I eat way to much poptarts and drink way to much applejuice but what can i say im loven them both. but yea i think im gunna stop here im tired. X.o.X.o -Jack-E
My two Fav bands are Coheed and Cambria and The postal service. Modest mouse,Silverstein,Senses fail,letter kills,Norma Jean,Winter Solistice,The get up kids,Madison,Spitalfield,Walls of jericho, New found glory,Me first and the gimmie gimmies,Big D and the kids table,The early november,My Chemical romance,Matchbook Romance,Names taking,Punch line, the starting line,Pennywise,guttermouth,Poison the well,horse the band,Mae unearth,Underoath,Denver harbor,Atreyu,The used,The killers,the unseen,funeral for a friend,Taking back sunday,Thursday,Thrice,Between the buried and me,From autumn to ashes,Franz Ferdinand,Pink Floyd,Evergreen terrace,Greenday,Ed gein,Bad religon,Rise against,Autopilot off,Switchfoot,The no talent show,Authority zero,Backside slappy,throwdown,mxpx,Nofx,Anti-flag,bouncing souls,saves the day,Mad caddies,Vendetta red,Rancid,System of a down,Hellogoodbye,Rxbandits,Hidden in plain view,The movie life,Allister,Homegrown,Sex pistols,Misfits,Tsunami bomb,The clash,Distillers,Mest,Dropkick murphys,Less than Jake,The ataris,Fall out boy,Dynamite Boy,Stretch arm strong,The dillenger escape plan,Dead kennedys,Minor threat,Social distortion,Story of the year,Scandals,Sublime,beastie Boys, The Go-Go's,Alliance,Metallica,Acdc,Korn,Linkin park,Disturbed,Pod,Club dead,Lost prophets,Mudvayne,hatebreed,Goldfinger,Finger 11,The aka's,Blink 182,A judis cradle,God forbid,Element 80,Slipknot,Black bone,Pillat,Marilyn manson,Ill Nino,Smile empty soul,Rob zombie,Super joint ritual,pantera,Sevendust,yellowcard,sum 41, As I lay dying, hoobastank,cradle of flith,children of bodom, Led zepplin,Puddle of mudd,Him,The casualities,Alexis on fire,Saosin,Armor for Sleep,Something corporate,Hot Rod Circuit,Copeland,Hawthorne Heights,Finch,Sugarcult,Dashboard confessionals,Rufio,motograter,mushroomheads,Foo fighters,Five for fighting,The hives, Lag wagon,Kill whitney dead,Glass eater,Glass jaw,The white stripes,Evanesense.__________ There ya go. Have anymore let me know and i can add them.