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becca12 0 posts
3/22/2011 12:46:00 PM
Hi! I am Miss Becca
How are you today and how about your health,hope you are fine and good.Any well after going through your profile in this site i became interested in you.I will like to have you as my good friend whom i will like to share my life experience with.Your sex, age, race nor distance does not matter to me rather what matters most in a relationship is the maturity,truth and honest that exist between friends.So i will like you to contact me back through my private mail address(beccadd17@yahoo.com)So that i can tell you more about my self and send to you my photo.

Yours Sincerely,reply me here (beccadd17@yahoo.com)
loveone 0 posts
8/4/2010 1:02:00 PM
my name is favour
i will like to know you more. so that i can send you my picture and my detail's for you to know me more so I am waiting for your mail to my email address below. please don't chat me here just send me mail and i will get back to you with love.

here is my privet e-mail'(favoursonko@hotmail.com)
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/21/2010 4:11:00 PM
hey lurky! how you doing?
cbrickhouse 0 posts
10/9/2009 12:30:00 PM
great, ya old dickhead
Yodel Toast 0 posts
6/24/2009 3:28:00 PM
I remember you saying you like Japanese films... does that also pertain to Japanese horror?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
6/18/2009 12:33:00 PM
yes I have every issue. the best ever.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
6/17/2009 3:51:00 PM
I don't have any funny lolcats pictures to post at the moment.
so...Sandman it is.
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
6/15/2009 8:44:00 AM
yo bro. sorry i didn't hang after. i didn't want to leave kristen home alone.
it was awesome, seeing you though! we will hang again soon!
TristanTiann 0 posts
6/12/2009 9:40:00 AM
Will do
TristanTiann 0 posts
6/12/2009 9:40:00 AM
DP ha.
TristanTiann 0 posts
6/12/2009 9:39:00 AM
Will do :D
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
6/12/2009 8:07:00 AM
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
6/12/2009 7:07:00 AM
jen dobbs 0 posts
5/16/2009 4:52:00 AM
i barely drink anymore either, mostly because of being in iraq.
jen dobbs 0 posts
5/12/2009 6:08:00 AM
since when are you straight edge?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/27/2009 2:36:00 PM
haha I would but I promised my friend we'd watch it! Why do you always inform me that you're coming up like the day before!?
hahahate 0 posts
2/25/2009 4:27:00 PM
hi :)
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
2/24/2009 12:55:00 PM
i actually think i was 17! LOL time flies!! we've known each other FOREVER!
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
2/24/2009 12:38:00 PM
nothing really new with me, just thought i would see how you've been and what you've been up to?
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
2/24/2009 11:13:00 AM
you stopped by and didn't say hi!
sidney 0 posts
2/2/2009 1:41:00 PM
i need to go back to it and laugh all over again.
sidney 0 posts
2/2/2009 1:32:00 PM
yup....got it off the internet some years ago...actually that pic is about 6 or 7 years old now.

that website made me laugh so hard when i first saw it.
jen dobbs 0 posts
2/1/2009 3:27:00 PM
what is up? i am officially in iraq!
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/27/2009 2:26:00 PM
I will do this eventually. To pay for a bus ticket I'd have to save for 3 months, haha.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/27/2009 2:24:00 PM
I hate you, seriously so jealous over here.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/27/2009 2:19:00 PM
aw man! We only have 1 place around here that I know of, called Bamboo house of noodles, I used to go like twice a week, went last month and I'm missing it. might need to make a stop tonight for din din.
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/27/2009 2:16:00 PM
do you ever put it in pho? it's the BEST
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/27/2009 2:12:00 PM
haha sriracha ftw
jen dobbs 0 posts
1/13/2009 11:52:00 AM
hey jason how are you? it has been a very long time since i've talked to you.
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
1/4/2009 12:42:00 PM
you and kristen's age combined is somewhere around 70. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnn!!!
Lola Jack and Cola 0 posts
1/2/2009 1:17:00 PM
haha....I know how much fun it can be...remember...old school here...9:30 club....good times were had :) Seriously, as soon as he can get a weekend off we are down there!
Lola Jack and Cola 0 posts
1/2/2009 1:07:00 PM
I am doing well...and you heard correctly sir :) He has to settle into his new job and such first though.
Lola Jack and Cola 0 posts
1/2/2009 12:52:00 PM
Hey there old man ;) what's up?
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
12/9/2008 4:31:00 PM
kristen and i were talking about you last week.
when can we come and see ya?
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
12/9/2008 4:27:00 PM
yoooooooooooooo brosif!!!
Brett Weir 0 posts
12/7/2008 9:53:00 PM
that sounds great dude! im kinda trying to go there to see touristy shit soon..
Brett Weir 0 posts
12/7/2008 9:50:00 PM
which is now merchantville nj
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
12/7/2008 9:35:00 PM
eh. crap. details are just depressing really haha
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
12/7/2008 9:32:00 PM
hey, thanks man. things are looking good, though. how've you been?
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
11/2/2008 10:11:00 PM
yo brosif!
InternJen 0 posts
6/13/2008 1:56:00 PM
oh hey......
Lola Jack and Cola 0 posts
6/12/2008 3:15:00 PM
miss laura 0 posts
6/1/2008 11:00:00 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! love you!
Captain Ahab 0 posts
6/1/2008 12:54:00 AM
if its actually your birthday....happy birthday.
Jess. 0 posts
3/27/2008 4:45:00 PM
Haha, well there is nothing wrong with that, but you should check in more often.
Jess. 0 posts
3/26/2008 10:30:00 AM
I see you lurking... where have you BEEN?
12/27/2007 9:09:00 PM
alright, will do!

and, what thing? did i miss something?
get a rope 0 posts
12/27/2007 12:02:00 PM
yeah I'll probably be visiting sometime in February, mainly to look at GWU & just to visit/etc. since I've never been. I'll hit you up either on here or via Tommy when the time comes, I really appreciate it.
12/20/2007 11:56:00 PM
I see you lurking, Jason.

I texted you a while back. What's up with you? Did you get a new number?
fight2live 0 posts
11/12/2007 6:42:00 PM
jason i miss you. hugs and kisses
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
10/22/2007 9:29:00 AM
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
8/21/2007 8:28:00 AM
yayyyyy! i saw you for the first time in like ages! sorry i was so preoccupied....so much was going on and i had to be here and there and everywhere. ian needed me to help him and do stuff.
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
8/3/2007 4:16:00 PM
sucks i was soooo close to seeing you this weekend!!!
x-tWinKle_sTaRs-x 0 posts
7/4/2007 8:39:00 AM
x steffi x 0 posts
7/2/2007 9:38:00 PM
hahah for a canadian , very cute? hahaha! i m from europe but i m now in canada!! whats up? hehe
asdfjasfjas 0 posts
7/2/2007 12:39:00 PM
3.7 gpa and a 167 lsat. Are yale and harvard on my radar? Should I like Penn a lot? Anywhere else?
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
6/28/2007 7:58:00 AM
i don't even have your number killa.
uthoughtuknewme 0 posts
6/26/2007 10:59:00 AM
stop stalking my profile and not saying hi.
jason_wont_die 0 posts
6/21/2007 7:55:00 AM
dude,awesome band list.whats up?
wholesaletrash 0 posts
6/7/2007 11:35:00 AM
where ya been?
J LANSDALE 0 posts
5/5/2007 10:32:00 AM
old man mosh!!!!!!!!
fight2live 0 posts
4/26/2007 3:13:00 PM
step_down 0 posts
4/13/2007 5:08:00 AM
word brosef

hope you are doing good
Yodel Toast 0 posts
2/23/2007 9:15:00 AM
holler, how you been?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
12/22/2006 6:36:00 AM
how have you been by the way?
Lifetime74 0 posts
10/27/2006 11:43:00 AM
What happened to you're profile? You joining the hidden posters club?

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