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adam solace
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budapest NA, Hungary -
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Xspirit not deadX 0 posts
4/19/2005 4:18:00 PM
Check out ONE LAST ENEMY on this site. Hit me up let me know what you think. O.L.E.-610
Miss Deidre Ann 0 posts
2/4/2005 12:01:00 PM
hey there.
kamshc 0 posts
1/16/2005 12:12:00 PM
check out latest STILLRISE mp3 at www.pahardcore.com/bands/STILLRISE

enjoy !!;-)
zoli bts 0 posts
12/12/2004 8:44:00 PM
felszalltam az alagutba
mondom kiraly
nincs itt ellenőr
nincsen szopas
itt van megis
unicornxcore 0 posts
12/9/2004 2:40:00 PM
hi daddy,
i just write to tell i luv ya hehe you'r popular ;)
michelle shock. 0 posts
11/14/2004 5:12:00 PM
oh, and maiden. <3333
michelle shock. 0 posts
11/14/2004 5:11:00 PM
none of the bands you listed save for CoB, i listen to. hehehe.
morticia 0 posts
11/13/2004 6:16:00 PM
haha thanks. :) i was lucky.
Ruth 0 posts
11/12/2004 10:16:00 AM
well i was there haha haha
morticia 0 posts
11/10/2004 6:24:00 PM
Nice Himsa shirt. :)
Ruth 0 posts
11/9/2004 12:28:00 PM
she comes soon to barcelona....hey u was playing here with your band and with walls of jericho? i think i saw you!! haha ahahh small world
Ruth 0 posts
11/8/2004 10:20:00 AM
hhaha yes she is...she is my best friend!!
asa 0 posts
11/6/2004 8:37:00 PM
what do you meen?
i wanna visit Gearmany someday ;) I'm planning to be there next year.
asa 0 posts
11/5/2004 3:51:00 AM
Hey adam, thanx for your compliment! I think you are hott! ;)
fakeslikeyou 0 posts
11/4/2004 8:11:00 AM
az olasz barataid kezdtek az irogatast :D
fakeslikeyou 0 posts
10/31/2004 6:46:00 PM
dude, where's my nyuszi ?!
Blakeslee 0 posts
10/29/2004 10:58:00 PM
aw thats cute that you like gilmore girls.
.hope.bound.heart. 0 posts
10/27/2004 10:29:00 PM
king of queens is good. one show i actually like
Kemistry 0 posts
10/27/2004 2:19:00 PM
welcome to PAHC
.hope.bound.heart. 0 posts
10/27/2004 1:55:00 PM
haha, you like the gilmore girls
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