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5/10/2017 1:00:00 PM

Hello My Friend,

I am madam claire_boris, one of the chief of staff of bank.
I would like to ask your permission to receive the
transfer of $9,000,000.00, as a close relative of one
of our clients who die in plan crash and who the account is
currently on standby for
If you want to treat this matter with me contact me and reply
me immediately.
my greetings.

REPLY ME BACK WITH THIS EMAIL (claire_boris15@yahoo.com)

madam claire_boris
franny glass 0 posts
3/28/2005 6:32:00 PM
hey yeah you could probably show me a good time
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3/3/2005 9:19:00 PM
I'm an inside out oreo nucca.
_strawberrygashes_ 0 posts
2/17/2005 12:06:00 PM
That's great.
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2/16/2005 4:06:00 PM
i'm really angry, no one talks to me on this thing.
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2/8/2005 10:14:00 PM
i love my mother
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1/30/2005 4:40:00 PM
thanks for understanding
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1/22/2005 4:37:00 PM
..... oh ok. lol. i wont put my nose in dog shit ok?
Star-Man 0 posts
1/16/2005 11:24:00 PM
ummmm.... excuse me ma'am, but i belive you have been grossly misinformed, you see i was telling my good friend I Never to stop bitching about such petty little bullshit he seems to be infecting this site with. my quote to you: 'don't stick you're nose in dog shit because it smells really bad.' good day ma'am.
*~HaLfAPuNkGuRl~* 0 posts
1/14/2005 10:15:00 PM
ummm..... ok? what did i bitch about?
Star-Man 0 posts
1/13/2005 2:43:00 PM
i like hamburgers
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12/31/2004 3:08:00 PM
no one talks to me on this machine; it makes me sad. someone write me a comment, besides I Never cause he eats donkey shit.
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12/31/2004 3:06:00 PM
i hate you dickhole
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11/25/2004 5:46:00 PM
Welcome to pahardcore.com....enjoy.
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