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sad come down 0 posts
1/9/2005 2:00:00 PM
did u no i fuckin love u<3333333333
danaconda 0 posts
12/11/2004 9:07:00 PM
you are super pretty..!!! you like some good bands, you should have a look at mine and check some out that you might perhaps not of heard of before!!

take care biatch lol danny xxx aka everytimeidie_19 xxx
cheeba messiah 0 posts
12/9/2004 5:11:00 PM
thanx! if your interested i'll be posting some new tracks in a few weeks. if you want me to remind you when they're up just add me to your friends list and i'll be sure to send you an update.
kamshc 0 posts
12/9/2004 4:46:00 PM
well i just tryed, that's quite funny but they're defenetly rad!!
gotta try to get some! thanx for the tip! ;-)
cheeba messiah 0 posts
12/9/2004 4:37:00 PM
check out ...InThisDay..., its my band. you can find some mp3's on this site and a few others. by the looks of your band list im pretty sure you'll like it, so let me know what ya think.

kamshc 0 posts
12/9/2004 4:34:00 PM
well they look pretty weird on the pics!! i'm gonna check this out! :-)
cheeba messiah 0 posts
12/8/2004 10:51:00 AM
haha, right on. likewise. you down for checkin out some new music?
kamshc 0 posts
12/8/2004 4:01:00 AM
what the hell is horse the band?? lol
BLINDED 0 posts
12/7/2004 2:18:00 PM
cheeba messiah 0 posts
12/7/2004 11:58:00 AM
excellent band list
12/7/2004 4:21:00 AM
yes, Pan-fuckin-tera!
Steve 0 posts
12/6/2004 9:31:00 PM
If there even is a Hellfest 2005. I don't know if it'll happen after this year's fiasco...
Steve 0 posts
12/6/2004 8:21:00 PM
Yup, I went to Hellfest.
Chu 0 posts
12/6/2004 5:53:00 PM
bonding is neat. got msn?
Steve 0 posts
12/6/2004 12:17:00 AM
You wouldn't be frightened if it were my hand!
Chu 0 posts
12/5/2004 8:01:00 PM
yeah! blood brothers!!!!Coheed! woot! Hawthorn Heights!!!!!!!!......hot too:)
Havok 0 posts
12/5/2004 2:43:00 PM
UMMM pretty and likes AFI ...SO HOT!
accompaniedbyvirus 0 posts
12/5/2004 3:19:00 AM
i dont really hate robots, they are actually one of my biggest interests. and yeah champa is def where its at.
xXNekromaNXx 0 posts
12/5/2004 2:43:00 AM
hi... cool bandlist yo
Fever Dream. 0 posts
12/5/2004 2:24:00 AM
Thank you! HORSE the band is amazing. They're playing here on the 17th I think. I can't wait!
hollifer 0 posts
12/4/2004 9:45:00 PM
neat bands...:: wink::
Fever Dream. 0 posts
12/4/2004 6:54:00 PM
Oh, you're pretty. :)

And great bands.
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