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8/17/2005 11:21:00 AM
aw thats gay why did he get beat up? ahh one more year of school, are you graduating this year?
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8/9/2005 6:38:00 PM
ooh how was the party? i went to pittsburgh it was pretty gayyy. and only like 3 more weeks of summer. :(
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8/4/2005 8:40:00 AM
haha yeahh it was gay, how was ur long weekend?
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7/27/2005 9:00:00 AM
haha, yeahh cuz she didnt get me a present then, cuz we couldnt see each other so she got those now cuz she knew i'd be in toronto for the summer haha. it's pretty gay. i've never seen so many 13 year old girls in my lifffe
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7/25/2005 10:05:00 AM
may 5th, urs? ahh what are you doing on the long weekend?
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7/20/2005 10:24:00 AM
haha my friend bought me a ticket for my birthday..so i gotta go with her. how long you in toronto for?
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7/19/2005 4:47:00 PM
ooh whats in toronto that ur here for? that's pretty awesome. ahaha i have to go to a good charlotte concert with my friend on saturday. lol
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7/15/2005 8:43:00 AM
haha yay for not working. yeahh i did move in feb but my parents didnt like the house anymore so they bought another one like down the street. they're so gay. so whatcha doin this weekend?
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7/14/2005 8:55:00 AM
haha you always have the craziest like stories haha. ahh workings good cuz you get lotsa money but it's the summer! you need time off too! i wish i had a golf cart though..could do some awesome stuff with it. mehh me i've been doing nothing, just going out with friends and stuff. and bought another house in burlington so i gotta move again! it's gayy
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7/11/2005 8:07:00 PM
golfcourse! aw man that seems like it'd be fun. stupid mcdonald's ruined my life for 3 weeks. haha. ooh whats in richmond hill? its such a rich city,makes scarborough look extra shitty. meh! so what have you been up to?
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7/8/2005 4:29:00 PM
cute puppy
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7/6/2005 11:32:00 PM
work?! where do you work?! ah man everyone has a job but me.
i havent been doing much, just random going out and sleeping. i love it haha.
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7/4/2005 9:34:00 PM
hahah yeahhh true, people do some fucked up shit here. like wen that lady got clothes from the church donation bin for her baby, and there were like razors sewed into it. pretty gay. haha. so hows your summer so far?
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7/4/2005 8:07:00 AM
i can listen to whatever i want and whatever i like. so you can leave me alone and hate me or whatever because you don't see me posting nasty comments about your bands now do you? no because i keep stuff to myself now goodbye.
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7/1/2005 9:28:00 PM
ugh i suck, i was supposed to go out to the beaches, but i keep fighting with my parents and i punched the wall and put a hole in it, so now my punishment is staying home:(. i hope you have funnn
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6/30/2005 9:44:00 AM
haha yes for going nowhere in life!. ahh this summer is gonna be full of parties and getting smashed, awesome times. do you come to toronto at all? ohoh and are you doing anything special for canada day
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6/28/2005 11:30:00 AM
aww ur so lucky. i finished y esterday. and i definetly failed math ... >.<
ah well, so what are your plans for the week?
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6/23/2005 7:14:00 PM
MAN. everyone went to the nofx concert but me. ahh it's not fair! stupid exams. are you finished school?
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6/12/2005 11:38:00 AM
lol same, gonna stay in toronto all summer and do absolutly nothing but sit on my ass. what'd u do this weekend
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6/11/2005 8:58:00 AM
boo that sucks, mine start like the 22ndish? haha so got any big plans for the summer?
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6/8/2005 12:50:00 PM
haha a cinderella man, looked kinda boring. so when are your exams/
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6/5/2005 8:58:00 PM
haha i sat around in front of the computer and attempted to start studying for exams, but i failed miserably. what about you?
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6/3/2005 10:16:00 PM
stupid uncooked hot dogs! gay. watcha doin this weekend?
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6/2/2005 11:38:00 PM
haha wat can i say im a picky person.
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5/31/2005 11:01:00 PM
thanks muchos. some of your interests&&bands are cool too.
Shelby is RADULAR 0 posts
5/31/2005 6:17:00 PM
ha thnx technoe is tha shyt.
and raves are rad.
much love
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5/31/2005 6:15:00 PM
Thanks.... you tooo....
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5/29/2005 10:48:00 AM
aw that sucks, good luck with them:). aw poor dizzy boy, yeah im like extra sick too, stupid food poisoning, so gay. this weekend was pretty shittttttay. and stupid exams are comingup. BLAH
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5/28/2005 4:52:00 PM
Thank ya =D Yeah not many people around here know who MSI is but I'm quite a big fan.
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5/26/2005 10:58:00 PM
haha you got suspended?, awww. what'd the police say? and how long are you suspended forr? lol ah the joys of hitting people. my may 24 was allright, went to niagara falls. whatcha got planned for this weekend?
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
5/23/2005 9:11:00 AM
you like Cat Stephens. haha thats so awsomeeee
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5/17/2005 10:26:00 PM
haha you skated on it, aww..AH LONG WEEKEND!! i definetly better get pretty intoxicated cuz it'd be retarded if i didnt. what about you?
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5/15/2005 12:36:00 AM
school is school. it will never be funnn! ohh shit though how's ur leg?! aw i hope ur okay. the weekend was SO boring ah burlington sucks haha.
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5/9/2005 7:58:00 PM
haha u shoulda egged her good! how's school?
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5/8/2005 11:21:00 AM
noooo i didnt:O
was there anyone there, like celebrities? i'll probably watch like the best of mod so i can look for u guys :D. how was ur weekend?
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5/6/2005 10:06:00 AM
ohh thats retardedddd
march break was soo long ago haha poor you
andd 7 weeks of school left! sweeeeeeet
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5/5/2005 12:03:00 PM
hey babe,wats goin awn
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5/1/2005 11:39:00 AM
its on thursday, but we started celebrating cuz people are working next weekend and such. hows ur weekend so far
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4/27/2005 9:34:00 PM
aww but toronto is so sexy :) haha for my birthday im gonna get so wasted..very exciting, ah i love not having to pay to get intoxicated
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4/23/2005 7:30:00 PM
mmm hot tub, that sounds EXTREMELY nice right now, haha i just had to walk home in the rain for like an hour. im gonna get soo sick:). im not doing anything this weekend it sucks balls..prolly gonna go get a prom dress but thats about it. :)
sweet lou 0 posts
4/22/2005 12:17:00 PM
yea thats wat i do , my computer at hom is such a bitch i spend thousands of monies on it and it breaks done constanlty and loves viruses . ugh.someimes i wanna put a magnet on it lol
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4/20/2005 10:12:00 PM
(international weed smokin day)
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4/20/2005 10:12:00 PM
haha i had to wish everyone sorry
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4/20/2005 10:11:00 PM
happy 4:20 ! :)
yeahh it's a pretty greasy ass job but hey money is money.
how's everything with you?
sweet lou 0 posts
4/20/2005 12:00:00 PM
meeeeee too. ha hthanks. u just now noticed my pics?lol
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4/18/2005 10:32:00 PM
wooo i got a job at mcdonalds haha. i really dont wanna work here but i need money. sooo sad. haha "choke on a fat mans dick and die" hahahah.
sweet lou 0 posts
4/18/2005 11:55:00 AM
things are great. how'z it w/ you?
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4/16/2005 9:41:00 AM
lol hey our comps liek went retarded too so :) ah well. ah im failing math, its so sad :(.. so what are your plans for the weekend?
sweet lou 0 posts
4/15/2005 12:34:00 PM
hahya, i went to the office and checked out what i would be doing and trying the courses and hten guy is mean, he said i didnt look like the so called jet fighter material.... wat do i need to look lie a grease ball>?
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
4/12/2005 7:08:00 PM
haha went to like 3 barbeques and some battle of the bands thingie. pretty awesome :) haha ur computers shut down that must suck. my school would get sooo pissedd
sweet lou 0 posts
4/12/2005 11:59:00 AM
hah i haev no clue, ugh i knida hope not b/c the falling feeling kills me , u know like when u have those falling dreams , ugh i hate it , sky diving would be my worst night are, but if that's what it takes to be a jet fighter pilot , then i'll just have to suck it up and scream my ass off! hah
sweet lou 0 posts
4/11/2005 11:56:00 AM
yea i am ! but w/e u only live once if i die , i die, in my next life i want to be boy and i want to be a slut lol
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4/8/2005 11:19:00 PM
pretty awesome stuff. whatcha doin this weekend?
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4/6/2005 3:24:00 PM
:O that's awesome, my class is going like end of may-ish i think, what about you?
sweet lou 0 posts
4/6/2005 12:18:00 PM
modeling is not important to me any more, im really smart so i've decided to do something more compelling with my life and make something of myself, so yea i've decided to be a jet fighter pilot, (aviation traing this summer) im so scared about goin into the airforce tho , i really dont want to die lol
sweet lou 0 posts
4/6/2005 12:16:00 PM
warped tour awesome. lucky. ugh i have to work ! im interning and a interior design company and staring aviation traing.yay! excited!
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
4/5/2005 3:20:00 PM
ahh that sounds hot, i didnt do much, just went to toronto.. the usual crap. but my english class is going to much on demand for a field trip haha ..exciting!
sweet lou 0 posts
4/5/2005 12:19:00 PM
hey . wats been goin awn . i am so way cold ! brrr! what r u doin this summer? 1 more month .
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
4/3/2005 12:44:00 AM
AHH millencolin is the sHiiiiiitttttt!
what'd you do this weekend?
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
3/31/2005 3:23:00 PM
ahh ur going to the warped tour! i wanna go badly but i donnooo. it looks gooood this year too . ah well. so how's life?
FigEPudn 0 posts
3/30/2005 5:57:00 PM
you say that now, but once you go into teh workforce full-time you'll wish you took advantage of loving it while you could
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
3/30/2005 1:56:00 PM
yahh it's sexy, the people there are so nice. skating sounds like fun times:D ah im at skool on spare, soo boredddd. i cant wait till summer
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3/28/2005 1:14:00 PM
hahah. oh man i went to pennsylvania and like new jersey this weekend. im soo tired..:(. how was ur weekendd
if|god|had|curves.. 0 posts
3/22/2005 9:06:00 PM
ahaha sounds awesome, getting drunk = good times. AH im eating mini eggs, and they taste pretty sexy. munchies are gonna make my stomach all squishy haha. so how are you!
sweet lou 0 posts
3/22/2005 12:00:00 PM
ohhhhhhhhhh lord i've never been so partied out! i swear i've had a h-over 4 three days , it wont go away ! it was so fun tho , how was ur's?
FigEPudn 0 posts
3/22/2005 11:35:00 AM
not bad. im a bit tired and i dont want to go to school at all today. how bout u?
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