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Codyh 0 posts
3/2/2007 3:15:00 PM
thats cool. I graduate in may, and I got a car. ohhh yeah and I am moving in june or july.
Codyh 0 posts
2/24/2007 11:30:00 PM
embarassing, I thought you never checked this. soooooo. hows vegas?
ch@rlton.... 0 posts
2/16/2007 8:29:00 AM
hey how u doin from the uk
Codyh 0 posts
6/28/2006 9:49:00 PM
you were gorgeous.
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
7/15/2005 8:36:00 AM
scene my ass
Nerdy_Josh 0 posts
5/1/2005 9:23:00 AM
ur so scene
65 megabytes. 0 posts
4/30/2005 10:31:00 PM
is that a good thing? haha. have a good night.
65 megabytes. 0 posts
4/18/2005 4:45:00 PM
scars of tomorrow, IS SO GOOD!!!!
deathbmx666 0 posts
3/30/2005 2:50:00 AM
mmmm pine sol
flipcracker 0 posts
3/30/2005 1:25:00 AM
well ill be goddam i was just there
StatingTheObvious 0 posts
3/28/2005 2:35:00 PM
...pine sol is killer for the stomack..
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
3/26/2005 7:19:00 AM
thisflockisamurder 0 posts
3/15/2005 11:00:00 PM
Hey! Lovely band list, I'm also sXe and vegetarian, feel free to add my AIM and add me to your friend list on here.
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
3/15/2005 9:06:00 AM
i said it once ill say it again you and ur makeup is hot
Morbid 0 posts
3/7/2005 6:29:00 PM
wow! you're really pretty, your make-up is fine, its perfect and it works, so i wouldnt advise changing it, i love your hair too
XxMhari JanexX 0 posts
3/2/2005 4:48:00 PM
ur make up is badass....i'd try it, but it prolly wouldnt look as tight
afropunk 0 posts
2/22/2005 1:20:00 PM
hey, your cute
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
2/22/2005 1:07:00 PM
ive been reading some of ur coments/posts and im confused are u shy or really confindint?

either way i like ur site and i want to start talking to u more (on stereokiller)

talk to u later

STORYbookENDING 0 posts
2/22/2005 8:26:00 AM
hey thanks for the comment
[Bad Eddie] 0 posts
2/21/2005 4:55:00 AM
Your makeup works for you it, it probably wouldn't work for many other people.
stoyko 0 posts
2/19/2005 2:04:00 AM
awe! thanks! i love unicorns too.
thats what i want to be when i grow up!
stoyko 0 posts
2/18/2005 3:56:00 PM
its more than a normal retard would put on, but keep the makeup, its incredibly cute.
ps. youre awesome because we have similar hair
ready set scream 0 posts
2/18/2005 12:37:00 AM
your makeup is wonderous.

stay with it. :)
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
2/17/2005 12:26:00 PM
hello how r u?
kalaXXX 0 posts
2/10/2005 11:45:00 PM
I think your make up is gorgeous
Casey Marie 0 posts
2/10/2005 4:23:00 PM
healing wasnt bad at all. as long as you clean it often enough, it should be totally fine. it wasnt even sore after i got it done.
Waiting For Sunday 0 posts
2/10/2005 12:39:00 PM
Are you Straight Edge? Or just try to avoid alcohol, drugs etc.?
Casey Marie 0 posts
2/9/2005 7:27:00 PM
in reply to your forum post thing... your makeup is fucking hot. and your hair is fucking hot.
i think it should stay that way.
Waiting For Sunday 0 posts
2/9/2005 2:31:00 PM
Hey, don't pay attention to those retards, you look stunning in my opinion. Not a bad band list either hehe.
lipglossletdown 0 posts
2/8/2005 6:45:00 PM
beautiful <3
King Stone 0 posts
2/8/2005 2:35:00 PM
no im not
King Stone 0 posts
2/8/2005 9:50:00 AM
you know it
the_Skinny_Elvis 0 posts
2/7/2005 11:42:00 PM
I've learned that there are a lot of assholes on here.
The older the guys are, the more crap they talk(sometimes) lol
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
2/7/2005 11:07:00 AM
toothcollectr 0 posts
2/7/2005 2:59:00 AM
hey thanks! i really do like your make-up. what brand do you use?
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
2/5/2005 4:03:00 AM
send us an email or somfin and ill talk to ya...T3R18L3_1@hotmail.com ahah
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
2/3/2005 12:30:00 AM
boyfriends??? ahah i think girlfriends are worse i suk at finding the right one!! well talk to you somtime ...i only ever got to talk to you once and i was fun!! damit!
<3 luke
King Stone 0 posts
2/2/2005 11:58:00 AM
the business
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
2/2/2005 4:37:00 AM
ive been bored, sad, depresed, happy, full of hatred and excitment im all over the shop as we say down here!!!
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
2/1/2005 10:38:00 AM
hey cutie whats new?
fuck this place. 0 posts
1/31/2005 4:30:00 PM
hey there
Fever Dream. 0 posts
1/30/2005 1:41:00 PM

Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
1/29/2005 1:20:00 AM
FUK GIRL WHEN AM I EVER GONNA TALK TO YOU AGAIN DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!<33333333333333 LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!
Daddy Warbux 0 posts
1/29/2005 1:10:00 AM
your pretty hott for a lil girl damn!!!!
40ozFuckUp 0 posts
1/28/2005 8:42:00 PM
i want you
xxxxxxFagCorexxxxxxx 0 posts
1/28/2005 4:41:00 PM
Ah, that's what I thought. Well, my camera is broken for now. But, everyone tells me I look exactly like Ashton Kutcher. No bullshit. Oh, and Josh Hartnett.
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
1/28/2005 2:08:00 PM
your beautiful
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
1/28/2005 8:00:00 AM
i completely agree i only have 3 albums but there all better than sex lol
xxxxxxFagCorexxxxxxx 0 posts
1/27/2005 4:09:00 PM
Haha, what is that supposed to mean?
jordanfromaltoona 0 posts
1/27/2005 2:28:00 PM
Pretty girl who likes the same music
I'm liking it
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
1/27/2005 11:41:00 AM
ps ur hair doesn't suck
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
1/27/2005 11:36:00 AM
yeah action action is awesome but do u like the FAINT ah there better then sex lol
xxxxxxFagCorexxxxxxx 0 posts
1/26/2005 5:32:00 PM
Thanks, your's is good to.
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
1/26/2005 11:07:00 AM
hi how r u
fuck this place. 0 posts
1/26/2005 10:54:00 AM
i don't think your hair sucks.
1/24/2005 5:07:00 PM
hey, there r sum retarded people on this site (based on people who answered that thread u put up). sry i tried 2 stick up 4 u but people really have nothing better 2 do than hate its really sad and the things they said were so stupid and pointless i was cracking up myself. neway its great u dont actually take these things seriously and ur eye makeup is fucn awesome neway and ure really pretty so there thats all i wanted 2 say lol
Havok 0 posts
1/24/2005 3:33:00 PM
oh cool!!..hey by the way fuck those assholes that dont like ur make up...i like it! =)
distortedxchaos 0 posts
1/23/2005 9:59:00 PM
WOW you are fawkin GORGEOUS! holy cow shit onna stick with a bandana! i love your eyes and shit...kickass chick yeyeah!
terminatorrules 0 posts
1/23/2005 2:25:00 PM
lose the sign crap
Fatal-Disposition-<3 0 posts
1/23/2005 12:32:00 AM
GIRL WERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!?!?!??!?!??! i miss you rrrr
Havok 0 posts
1/22/2005 9:56:00 PM
so why ecxactly do u like Tiger Army??? is it just because they wear eyeliner???
neverturnyourback 0 posts
1/21/2005 6:59:00 PM
death before dishonor..hell yeah girl, true 'til death, right?
hard x core 0 posts
1/21/2005 3:23:00 PM
you lame asses better leave MY amber alone or i'll kill. hi amblee blah i love you dear.
kill 0 posts
1/21/2005 3:15:00 PM
yeah lady you have beautiful new picture how are you today lady ?
Skald 0 posts
1/21/2005 12:21:00 PM
hey nice hair
Melissa. 0 posts
1/20/2005 9:33:00 PM
me? oh no way, darlin.
*you* are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

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