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8/13/2010 10:49:00 PM
time husk
thewastedfreaks 0 posts
2/5/2009 3:39:00 AM
slow loris....is no longer slow??
JimmyJames 0 posts
2/12/2008 1:53:00 AM
that is some list of bands you're rockin
1/8/2008 11:23:00 PM
hahaha...thats cool. my dogs name is chip.
1/8/2008 8:26:00 PM
I didnt know you had one either. they own.
thewastedfreaks 0 posts
1/2/2008 2:17:00 PM
i had a feeling. you're a giver.
thewastedfreaks 0 posts
1/2/2008 2:13:00 AM
well, then you must have clicked "vote now" to win me a million dollars or something. so it's the thought that counts ;)
1/1/2008 11:10:00 PM
same shit for the most part, just working and doing my thing. welcome back lauren.
1/1/2008 10:22:00 PM
yo whats up? I want a full report on why you left for so long.
thewastedfreaks 0 posts
1/1/2008 7:28:00 PM
lol thanks for the vote, buddy. good looking out.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
2/12/2006 10:41:00 PM
Whoa it's been forever since you've been on. What's been going on in your life??

Happy 20th!! I'm 20 now too.. crazy haha.
12/31/2005 2:04:00 AM
lauren....whats goin on?
Eric Paradox 0 posts
11/21/2005 7:42:00 PM
click here for link

I made a thread for it, I think it's too long to fit in this comment box haha. That would have been cool hanging out though, I didn't meet a single person there that said they were going
drainyou494 0 posts
10/17/2005 5:28:00 PM
PPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I've been on this thing forever. I just never use it anymore.
Jess Alon 0 posts
10/6/2005 9:06:00 PM
i really needed to do some things anyhow. I was more so amusing myself... I laugh at my own jokes like a dork sometimes. Ha
Jess Alon 0 posts
10/6/2005 8:56:00 PM
haha sorry if my ragging on that chick made you mad but she was being a bitch to everyone even you. She'll probably lose sleep over this tonight... but I won't.
SSBSTS 0 posts
9/28/2005 12:02:00 PM
oh geez. i'm sorry. for some reason, I thought you meant YOU stole it! and felt bad about it or something...... forgive my idiotic assumptions. that sux though. maybe you really should steal one now though! hahah
SSBSTS 0 posts
9/28/2005 11:55:00 AM
from the store, or from a person who owned it?

yes, this makes a difference. haha
justin. 0 posts
9/12/2005 12:53:00 AM
i've seen it before and never thought it actually said anything. then i looked at it tonight and all i could get was "Lacren".. took me like 5 minutes to figure out it was Lauren. is that your name?
8/31/2005 11:03:00 PM
yeah, you are gonna be fine. enjoy.
8/31/2005 10:49:00 PM
almost every musician I know (Including 2 from my band) work at pizza shops. I used to work at one. There is some nice money in that business. Good luck.
8/31/2005 9:22:00 PM
Im doing fine, not alot to complain about. Just working, and doing the band thing. Yeah, its been a while. With my new job I cant keep the hours I used to. Hows everything else going for you?
8/31/2005 9:18:00 PM
Im happy for you, you deserve to have nice days like today.
nick danger 0 posts
8/25/2005 1:13:00 AM
Who is yours, by the way.
nick danger 0 posts
8/25/2005 1:08:00 AM

How did you know that's exactly what I was doing?
8/21/2005 4:43:00 PM
but... awful?! wine should be fine, delightful, a joy to your tastebuds.

what kind was it?
Bitch_Tits 0 posts
8/21/2005 3:32:00 AM
Thanks, hun.

And yeah, you can't please all the people. Plus people are busy with this and that, most forums usually slow down in the summer.
Bitch_Tits 0 posts
8/21/2005 3:23:00 AM
I didn't have internet access where I was staying, so I was pretty much screwed as far as getting ahold of people. I tried sending X a letter, but I got his friggin' address wrong. Haha, typical me.

And I guess, in a sense, she is better. She had recurring gastric cancer, and she'd already had a full gastrectomy over a year ago, so there was nothing they could do for her except chemo to relieve some pain. She suffered longer than she ever should have. Such is life, I guess.

I haven't really noticed anyone missing yet (but hell, I've only been back a day) except.. I haven't seen any pictures of baby Sean. :( Is Nicky D still around?
Bitch_Tits 0 posts
8/21/2005 2:54:00 AM
It's kind of a long, crappy story. Short version: friend was sick, took her out to Phoenix so she could be with her family, ended up staying much longer than I intended. Then I needed to clear my head, so I spent some time in NY with a different friend. Buuut I'm back for now.

How've you been, chica? Did I miss anything noteworthy (haha, aside from my nudes ending up on the site again?)
Kate. 0 posts
8/20/2005 5:37:00 AM
my moms a complete fucking lunatic. man i could go on and on and on. i'd totally im you but i've reached my random im quota for the night hahaha. (i imed kryzzy). systems crashing. haha.
Kate. 0 posts
8/20/2005 5:33:00 AM
thank GOD i was raised by my grandmother. my mother would be dead by now
Kate. 0 posts
8/20/2005 5:05:00 AM
aw man! don vito! no she's not as incoherent. well you can seperate the words generally, but it sometimes doesn't make sense. hahaha.
Kate. 0 posts
8/20/2005 5:03:00 AM
ehhh my mom just thinks she's this urban ghetto/black lady who smokes a lot of pot and gets reaaaaalllllllly stupid and loud. Luckily I don't have to deal with that shit anymore; she moved to Daytona...to be with her "black family" and um, oh god long story. but yeah she's fucked in the head, too.
Kate. 0 posts
8/20/2005 4:59:00 AM
my mom is a fat piece of shit, too.
dave heck 0 posts
8/12/2005 2:11:00 PM
fair enough. haha "you speak angry too? cool"
dave heck 0 posts
8/12/2005 2:09:00 PM
yeah but do you ever spout off in other languages? that's the shit.
dave heck 0 posts
8/12/2005 2:04:00 PM
so this is what's gonna happen. we're gonna set up a fight together, but we're just gonna yell at each other. which one can actually be understood by the audience loses and the award for "worst accent ever" can be crowned.
8/9/2005 11:37:00 AM
haha just asking.
usually when i drink with my guy, we drink box wine. its more romantic than liquor, tastes good, and does the job, so i understand the whole wine thing.

what i dont understand is why people wont just buy you some fucking wine. sheesh. screw smirnoff crap, screw all of those bubbly, fruity things that you have to drink 30 of just to get a buzz.
8/9/2005 11:25:00 AM
oh my little one, i shall spread my knowledge, but first you must prove yourself worthy. ;0)

i'll write up a whole detailed instruction list and send it to you via email, or PM... whatever. the thing you must know is that it's going to take a few months before you can drink it... you have to let it ferment. and you have to buy certain equipment. i'll also give you the costs of all that nonsense.

but i must ask this: why not just drink liquor?
Katie. 0 posts
7/24/2005 10:19:00 PM
sounds like a blast :::sarcasm:: but it would have been fun to see it... just so long as i didnt get pulled in! next time you go to a show in the area or are just hanging out you should give me a call. such a shortage of decent people to hang out with around here.
Katie. 0 posts
7/24/2005 6:03:00 PM
where is this thread and explaining you speak of.. i see neither
YourTouch Vs Death 0 posts
7/24/2005 5:11:00 PM
hey nice band list and pics...hot hot hot
Katie. 0 posts
7/24/2005 4:47:00 PM
nah i didnt make it out. turns out i have ebola something so i just stayed at home dying of disease. was it any good?
Katie. 0 posts
7/24/2005 4:28:00 PM
well shit yo. i didnt know you lived so close to me!
7/23/2005 3:51:00 AM
love love love. <3

this so isnt LNC of you. hahah
7/23/2005 3:48:00 AM
'tis true my dear, 'tis true.

if it werent for my tits and vag, i'd think i was a guy. i can out drink, out burp, out swear, make way more vulgar comments than most any guys i know. hahahah its great.

we shall have a STUPENDOUS time in boston.
7/23/2005 3:43:00 AM
its the german in me, im telling you.

a month ago, i drank an entire CASE of beer in less than 8 hours, and was still FINE.

on X-mas, my girlfriend Jenna and i each drank half a bottle of tequila. i was coherent, she was puking, and she's bigger than i am. its truly ridiculous.
7/23/2005 3:33:00 AM
alright so now im finally feeling any effect of the 6 beers and 3 shots of rum. damn.
7/23/2005 3:11:00 AM
yep, definately is. still wears the same black hat though hahah.
7/23/2005 3:10:00 AM
its all good, im all about the cradle rocking. mine's been rocked since i was a young'n hahahah, so i have nothing against others doing the same. if you like him, you like him! that's my theory.

take a plane to chicago tomorrow, we'll go see blues traveler. they're playing again.
7/23/2005 3:06:00 AM
yo and did you know that the dude lost TONS of weight? he got a gastric bypass surgery, and looks alot healthier now. still a stellar harmonica player though.

oh man! and i met this dude who worked back stage, and even though he couldnt get me back there, he took my camera and got some awesome pics from back stage. im SO psyched.
7/23/2005 3:05:00 AM

it was aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwesome. and outdoors. so we brought chairs, and just sat in the grass drinking brewskies. seriously, it was an awesome night. YOU SHOULDA BEEN HERE!
7/23/2005 3:02:00 AM
yeah that's way true.
i actually have cut back ALOT in the past month, but im in friggin chicago, and went to a Blues Travelers concert tonight where there was lots of beer. then my bro and i had an awesome night so of course we had to celebrate. so its all good.
7/23/2005 2:56:00 AM
the crazy wildwood weekend is happening as soon as i get back! NO WORRIES!

nah, boozin is my deal man. weed definately isnt. i quit doing that a while back. not to say that i wouldnt smoke if the time was absolutely right... but its just not my thing, you know? im one of those types who gets OVERLY paranoid to the point of having panic attacks... which is why the conditions have to be perfect for me to do it.
7/23/2005 2:50:00 AM
ah, i see...

well girl, any time you want to go to Boston let me know. i would be MORE than happy to take a road trip with you, and we would have a place to stay free of charge.

man, i have been drinking all fucking night, and still am not drunk yet. damn my tolerance has gotten high. hahah
7/23/2005 2:43:00 AM
are you going to visit Eric?! you should.

Boston is great. i grew up going to Boston for half of the summer, so its like home to me. im excited!
7/23/2005 2:36:00 AM
yo, my trips have been CRAAAAZY mang. seriously. after i get my pictures back im going to make a picture story, and post it.

right now im in chicago, on the 5th part of my awesome adventures. Boston is next. why are you going to Canada? just because?
7/23/2005 2:31:00 AM
hellllooooooooooo little lady!
how have you been my deaR?
ecce lex 0 posts
7/20/2005 3:29:00 PM
LynZie 0 posts
7/17/2005 2:17:00 PM
haha no i meant that fat face one, I need photo shop too, id turn that michael jackson shot into her
LynZie 0 posts
7/17/2005 2:13:00 PM
u know my comment wasnt to u
Chum Duvall 0 posts
7/15/2005 1:50:00 PM
Chum Duvall 0 posts
7/15/2005 1:45:00 PM

.Beautiful.Soul. 0 posts
7/10/2005 3:36:00 PM
shut your keys. =D
.Beautiful.Soul. 0 posts
7/10/2005 2:19:00 AM
MmM....i don't really care what people say about me "darling"...So it's alright cause i aint like this in real life. It's the net.Suck it up and deal with it as i like to say.

Nice sherlock holmes hate -thumbs up-
Dillwack 0 posts
7/7/2005 5:14:00 PM
nice band list , i like alot of the same stuff

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