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3/9/2005 1:43:00 PM
i know this might sound kinda random but have u seen American History X? its cause i just saw it yesterday :p and im still like whoa...
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3/4/2005 2:24:00 PM
wow, i wouldve never guessed that u smoke because u have nice teeth...
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3/1/2005 11:18:00 AM
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2/21/2005 2:02:00 PM
hello lady good new pictures
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2/19/2005 3:56:00 PM
well, thanks.
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2/19/2005 7:50:00 AM
Hulo....i really duno what the fuck im doin so i'll just say hi and thanx for the post...um see ya round?xXx
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2/16/2005 2:23:00 AM
Look me up on my own page if you ever want to talk. keep checking http://www.myspace.com/aeternumvale as well for our demo
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2/14/2005 12:08:00 PM
Thanks. I've been getting lots of compliments about my cat lately. It's strange. Hahaha
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2/14/2005 6:53:00 AM
lol yea i own it!
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2/14/2005 3:00:00 AM
..it has come to that point in time where im just so bored that im leaving a pointless comment on my own page...
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2/13/2005 9:01:00 PM
Thanks, I don't hear that too often. You're hot yourself.
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2/12/2005 6:50:00 AM
why thankyou! same too you! x

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2/12/2005 1:39:00 AM
awww that was a sweet thing to hear! im not havin a good night, let alone good week.. thank you hun! your really pretty too sweetie! : )
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2/11/2005 9:57:00 PM
hah. the cartoon thing isn't bad.. I get that a lot actually.
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2/11/2005 1:06:00 PM
hello, whitch part of houston r u from?
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2/11/2005 12:50:00 PM
oh hello juh-net ;)

me its POf

beautiful picture
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2/11/2005 12:46:00 PM
how its cool lady , me i play drums , work in the promotion band and show , whats your name ?
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2/11/2005 12:22:00 PM
very good thanx beacause i look your beautiful picture, what do you do ?
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2/11/2005 12:18:00 PM
your welcome and thank you :)
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2/11/2005 2:13:00 AM
hello lady , you have beautiful picture !
how are you today ?
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2/11/2005 2:02:00 AM
What part of Houston are ya from?
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2/10/2005 12:33:00 PM
hello beautiful girl
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2/10/2005 2:34:00 AM
why thank you
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2/9/2005 5:46:00 PM
Hey baby. Just kidding... you say you're not on here for boyfriends, that's good because I have a girlfriend. Not only do I play guitar and smoke, but I do it simultaneously. Check out the profile if you want, and also check out the band Aeternum Vale on www.myspace.com ... we'll have the demo up shortly.
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2/9/2005 2:21:00 PM
your intrests suck. no one cares what kind of guys you like.
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2/9/2005 2:13:00 PM
<3........thank u much, glad ya like.
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2/9/2005 1:02:00 PM
hi my name is charlie im from angleton tx
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2/9/2005 1:02:00 PM
i figured since you didn't have a comment ill be the first one to give you one ! your cute too!
well lets see i have a lot of interests im not exactly sure if this thing is asking for the things that interest me when it comes to guys or what! But i guess i'll just go with what i like. I like boys, boys that can play the guitar like a mutha fuckin riot! For some reason i find it attractive when guys smoke cigarettes, i smoke too. Anyway, guys that are funny are cool guys, im not here to make boyfriends but if ya wanna talk, im not trying to sound conceited b/c im not, dont talk to me saying things like "hey baby..." that stuff is just so lame to me. im the type of person that is just an all around nice person, you have to do something really mean to me for me to not like you, and it takes a little more than a few "hurtful" words
hMmM i have a random mix of favorite bands...i dont stick to one specific genre, i just know what i like.... Finch, Sublime, Nirvana, STP, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hawthorne Heights, Sugarcult, Alkaline Trio, Radiohead, 311, Unwritten Law, Pixies, Billy Talent, Beck ummmm i can't think of anymore but thats whats in my playlist right now