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scarletbegonias 0 posts
1/26/2007 7:19:00 PM
oo, the subhumans.. I love the subhumans.
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
5/2/2006 7:15:00 PM
ive got aim.
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
4/25/2006 6:55:00 AM
i dont know. i guess so.
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
4/24/2006 7:19:00 PM
no i dont have msn... but heres my email address... easywayoutadict@wowway.com
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
4/12/2006 8:29:00 PM
the germs! i love the germs. i seem interesting eh? most people tend to think so cause i have crazy ideas and shit all the time. lmao.
xdollxpartsx 0 posts
4/11/2006 7:40:00 PM
why thank you.
so whats up?
blood.red.romance 0 posts
3/5/2006 7:44:00 PM
i dont have msn
blood.red.romance 0 posts
1/31/2006 5:27:00 PM
k-i added you-but idk if it worked or not
blood.red.romance 0 posts
1/29/2006 9:33:00 PM
yeah i know-what have you been up to-nothing here
Incendo 0 posts
1/25/2006 8:44:00 PM

blood.red.romance 0 posts
11/6/2005 5:31:00 PM
add me as your friend silly
-morgan- xXx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
11/6/2005 11:35:00 AM
thats hilarious-i hate mine shes a total BITCH
-morgan- xxx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/30/2005 8:01:00 PM
are you serious thats pretty cool
-morgan- xxx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/28/2005 7:13:00 AM
ok i havent taken my meds in about a week so yesterday was proably the worst day ever-my best friend said the littlest thing and i turned around and just knocked her out-so im suspended for 5 days and we havent talked since then but she doesnt understand
-morgan- xxx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/20/2005 6:34:00 PM
oh well when was the last time
-morgan- xxx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/18/2005 9:51:00 PM
it only depends on how much people piss me off and if i took my medicine that day
like today i didnt take it and i freaked out on everybody especially my BEST FRIEND
well what about you
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/14/2005 7:24:00 AM
Cool Band List
-MORGAN- xxx
blood.red.romance 0 posts
10/14/2005 7:00:00 AM
narwhal 0 posts
10/13/2005 6:21:00 PM
oh man... im mormon too.

your pictures make me feel drugged.
Zombieeeee 0 posts
10/13/2005 5:09:00 PM
oh yesss, canada be rockin'
you got some fuccccccccccccccckkeddd photos
but definitly are sweet ass
and thanks mann.
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
10/4/2005 7:55:00 PM
thanks!! you have a nice one as well.
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
10/2/2005 1:12:00 PM
Incendo 0 posts
9/28/2005 8:57:00 PM
me too, very much. :) you live in canada... canada is awesome.

we should talk sometime..mmhmm
Incendo 0 posts
9/26/2005 5:42:00 PM
yep. =)
Incendo 0 posts
9/25/2005 3:46:00 PM
oh really? that's interesting
Incendo 0 posts
9/20/2005 8:09:00 PM
Under a rock.. But, I'm out now. So now we can get married and what have you..
Incendo 0 posts
5/25/2005 8:38:00 PM
'ello. you've got a nice band list, and an awesome profile picture.. Have a nice day. =)
Your-In? 0 posts
4/24/2005 2:11:00 PM
Ohhh. Nice one. Ahh... I think I'm gonna change it. >_<
Your-In? 0 posts
4/24/2005 2:04:00 PM
Get your head out of the gutter! LoL... Gahh
Your-In? 0 posts
4/24/2005 1:44:00 PM
It's a line from a song!
go.play.KILL 0 posts
4/19/2005 6:02:00 PM
Fear& Loathing!!! Amazing! Very nice interests& band list!!
FigEPudn 0 posts
4/19/2005 4:18:00 PM
i like your interests, my friend. i haven't listened to across 5 aprils in forever.
learned my lesson 0 posts
4/3/2005 1:19:00 AM
i dont wish ... i know
I_am_hollywood7 0 posts
3/30/2005 9:23:00 PM
wtf?...well i dont give a shit anyways..
Rach-meister 0 posts
3/30/2005 5:17:00 PM
hey thanks! yea i don't know many people that even know who CKY is but they are so good, it kind of makes me sad to think that people don't listen to them.... eh, more for us! ^.^ take care!<3
shoutforshoutsakexx 0 posts
3/26/2005 4:10:00 PM
they are also quite intense
learned my lesson 0 posts
3/25/2005 7:39:00 PM
no i probely like it more then you !!!!
shoutforshoutsakexx 0 posts
3/24/2005 5:38:00 PM
sweet bananas we must be soul mates
learned my lesson 0 posts
3/23/2005 10:01:00 PM
fear n loathing in las vegas !!! love that movie
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