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8/27/2005 12:38:00 PM
hey...whatas up?
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7/9/2005 12:51:00 AM
yo... my msn... it's sum1bored@hotmail.com
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6/23/2005 12:52:00 AM
ooooooooo... no one has commented here in a while so maybe i will... muahahaha... uhm so yea... how's things going?
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6/7/2005 11:52:00 PM
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6/7/2005 9:24:00 PM
it's all good... i'm not really up to much of anything... although i am working on 3 new songs on guitar... but i'm not very far into any of them... although i got an intro and maybe verse for 1 and 2guitar parts for an intro to the other 2...
Hooray For HeartAche 0 posts
6/5/2005 1:39:00 PM
meh the usual angsty teenage suicidal depression storms except mine aren't because of a girl; or anything like "freedom" well not all the way but like other stuff
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6/4/2005 7:02:00 PM
thanks. im okay. whats canada like
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6/2/2005 8:49:00 PM
ooooo... i get to comment 2 times in a row... woot for me... i wonder if i get one tomorrow before anyone else leaves another one... if i do that's 3 in a row... 3 is supposed to be a lucky number.... hmm... i wonder... oh well.. hahaha... how have you been yo/?
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6/1/2005 11:54:00 PM
yo... so not many people commenting here so i'm gonna comment for ya.. what's up? haven't talked in a while sorta... i don't know... haha... how are you?
trash flavored trash 0 posts
5/23/2005 6:52:00 AM
hii hows it going.
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5/17/2005 3:14:00 PM
not much, you?
randomn 0 posts
5/12/2005 12:46:00 AM
Krijgsman 0 posts
5/11/2005 5:58:00 AM
he he
i know, i have liked them for a while, and getting to see them live for free kicked ass.
Krijgsman 0 posts
5/8/2005 9:23:00 AM
they kick ass. They are from Sweden, so maybe you havn't heard of them. Check them out though, they are one of my favorite bands ever.
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5/5/2005 12:03:00 PM
yea it's fun... i get to do that alot. Fun thing is that if someone makes me mad i can make them sound like one of the chipmunks off of alvin and the chipmunks... muahahaha.. so they generally wait until after the concert to try and make me mad but i get even anyways
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5/3/2005 3:24:00 PM
my last show i ended up showing at... wha? wrong comment in wrong profile i think maybe... last show i went to was some local concert though i ended up working sound.... muahahahaha...
.[The]x[Curse]. 0 posts
5/1/2005 11:26:00 PM
ouais sa va, content de lire en francais sur ce site la sa fesait longemp que je n'avais vu, toi?
Krijgsman 0 posts
5/1/2005 6:04:00 PM
Last show: blindside for free (yay festivals!)
first of none 0 posts
4/30/2005 2:42:00 PM
so what's going on?
Hooray For HeartAche 0 posts
4/29/2005 6:37:00 PM
not much going on here...trying to find a few reasons to live but yea i only have maybe one or two...but yea how are you doing?
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4/29/2005 5:51:00 PM
ouais ouais super toi?
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4/28/2005 11:07:00 PM
i applied at a couple places and i'm waiting for a call but i'm hoping someone calls
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4/27/2005 1:56:00 PM
btw... i love those interest... music is a way of life
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4/27/2005 1:55:00 PM
ah the joys of work... i get to go job hunting in an hour or so and pick up some applications and attempt to look decent for an interview if i get one
Subtle Crisis 0 posts
4/26/2005 2:56:00 PM
woo! how fun.. so how are u? hows life and what not?
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4/26/2005 1:21:00 PM
muahahaha... i'm a little late but welcome to pa hardcore.... lots of nice bands as well.. good job... i give props
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4/26/2005 11:32:00 AM
Hell- O
Fatalsorceror 0 posts
4/26/2005 11:31:00 AM
Hell- O
Shifter701 0 posts
4/26/2005 10:53:00 AM
sounds like a blast..
well, today im doing nothing. seriously..
I got school in the morning then i work.
Your not the only one that lives a boring life, haha :)
Vezeau_ 0 posts
4/25/2005 11:02:00 PM
no problem, whats up?
Krijgsman 0 posts
4/25/2005 8:08:00 PM
it is pretty darn great!
Shifter701 0 posts
4/25/2005 7:43:00 PM
nothing too special here, whats going on with you?
Krijgsman 0 posts
4/25/2005 5:46:00 PM
Yah, i go home in three weeks thouhg.. kinda ready to be home again.
Subtle Crisis 0 posts
4/25/2005 3:12:00 PM
hey there.. nice bands u got listed! well take care! <3
sp0tz 0 posts
4/25/2005 9:18:00 AM
jep jep... the bandlist... :)
Krijgsman 0 posts
4/25/2005 7:47:00 AM
not much of anything is up... or to be honest i wouldn't be online ;)
Im in the netherlands (study) and getting ready to go back home.
Pennywise 0 posts
4/25/2005 5:58:00 AM
Do you know how the letter "o" is pronounced?
Pennywise 0 posts
4/25/2005 5:58:00 AM
Hmm... Can't write the letter here apperently.. But it's the letter you use instead of o's in your band list...
Hooray For HeartAche 0 posts
4/25/2005 2:32:00 AM
ur bands list is awesome and i'm really diggin' ur s/n well yea just following the crowd for once...but yea laterz
deathbmx666 0 posts
4/25/2005 12:11:00 AM
hey i like your band list
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
4/25/2005 12:02:00 AM
cool site
angels_in_my_eyes 0 posts
4/24/2005 9:45:00 PM
hey welcome ...nice band list...byez
first of none 0 posts
4/24/2005 9:18:00 PM
well just send me your email address and i'll add you then
Shifter701 0 posts
4/24/2005 8:32:00 PM
dude, you like kickass music, whats up?
Program Files 0 posts
4/24/2005 7:33:00 PM
oui, ca va super bien! Je reviens de souper chez ma grend-mere lol Toi ca va?
first of none 0 posts
4/24/2005 6:19:00 PM
haha.. awesome.. nothing what about yourself
Vezeau_ 0 posts
4/24/2005 4:52:00 PM
hey, welcome to the site
Canada is the way to be
nice list too :)
message me back sometime
first of none 0 posts
4/24/2005 4:29:00 PM
by the way.. hello
first of none 0 posts
4/24/2005 4:26:00 PM
hello... i'm gonna rape your band list.. and they better like it
Krijgsman 0 posts
4/24/2005 4:24:00 PM
nice ear!
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4/24/2005 3:31:00 PM
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4/24/2005 3:06:00 PM
Hm I don't really know what to say about myself. Music, work, and snowboarding is what my life is all about. Im a nice girl kinda shy at first but yah once I get to know you I'm pretty open. [likes] mat. snowboarding. stars. color black. listening to hardcore music. black and whites photos. going to shows. writing. tattoes. hope. having fun. skating. family guys. traveling. winter. pretty eyes. sleeping. poetry. hanging out with friends. parties and a lot of other stupid stuff when your up late at night. photography. art. clothes. reading. Theres lots more but I cant think of it right now. [dislikes] fakes. liars. racism. worrying. when people are nice to your face then say shit behind your back. bleeding. rudeness. solitude. clowns. clowns. and more clowns. animal cruelty. Once again, theres lots more but I cant think of it.
I'll keep it simple. Underoath. Fear Before the March of Flames. From Autumn to Ashes. Silverstein. and last but not least Unearth.