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6/7/2005 7:01:00 PM
you are really hot
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5/29/2005 8:08:00 AM
hello reallyreallyclose how are you doing?
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5/28/2005 1:59:00 PM
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5/25/2005 9:42:00 PM
danm your a hottie! i miss you baby and i cant wait till the next time i see you.
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5/20/2005 8:01:00 PM

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5/18/2005 10:41:00 PM
hey elizabeth... i cant wait to see you again.

Being a parent

by reallyreallyclose on 5/27/2005 11:41:00 PM
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I'm Izzy...I guess I'm into the basic things. Art, music, hanging out, dancing. I like to draw and paint, even though I don't have the time and money. Music is amazing. I wish I could play the piano. I love the sound of it. Guitars and tattoos are hot!! My boyfriend plays his guitar for me every morning. Meeting new people, that don't like drama, is awesome. I love being loved. I love attention from the one I love. I also love giving attention to the one I love. I run. Staying in shape is a most. One day I want to see the world. I also want to make something of myself. Don't know yet what that will be. We'll see. I adore little kids. One day in about 20 years I'll have one of my own. Until that day...I'm just going to live my life to the fullest. Leave a post...I like to talk to people
Bane Caliban From Autmn to Ashes Funeral for a Friend Walls of Jerico As I Lay Dying Evergreen Terrace Dead to Fall Throw Down Posion the Well Bleeding Through Hawthorne Heights A Perfect Murder 18 Visions I also like some local bands, that old time rock'n'roll and "generic" punk bands