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--Concerts, skating, black hair, black eyeliner, emo boys! heh heh.. emo screamo/hardxcore, pissing poeple off is always good.. :P.. acting like a dork ^_^ getting money, really dark eye make-up, pretty people, msn.. add me if you wanna talk, crying! always good, along with screaming your head off istening to music! haha, writing poems, making fun of skanky girls! rain, storms.. all that romantic stuff..--
<3 x__The used, kitty, mcr, taking back sunday, thirce, finch, Rufioooooo! heh heh, dashboard confessional, bright eyes, early november, fall out boy, matchbook romance, senses fail, jimmy eat world, thursday, funeral for a friend, kill switch engage, gold finger, mxpx, story of the year, starting line, brand new, something corporate, mest.. and yeeeeah thats all i can think of__x <3