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I love the computer. AIM Screen Name= ToxiCityLMC. I'm too weird. I suck at meeting people for the first time, but I'm cool once you get to know me. I love cutes. I'm not scene enough to pretend I'm not scene. I like to people watch, and play shadow. I hate Oxford, I want to live in New Jersey. I love my cam corder. I love my computer more. I like going on park tours. I love men in wet suits. I rock at dancing (ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, HxC). Little goth rat girls scare me. I like Cucumbers. I like taking pictures, and putting them on my Xanga to make it look like I have a life. I love Xanga, more then Myspace. Xanga=HeightsXcore. I Love Star Wars I like making techno music. I love The Heights still. I like to hair spray my hair. Linux pwnz Windows. HTML is fun. I rock at DDR. I don't do sports. Most dogs scare me. I love to sleep.
A Perfect Circle. Arcade Fire. Action Action. All American Rejects. Azure ray. Against Me! Armor for sleep. A Static Lulaby. At the Drive In. Anberlin. Bright Eyes. Black eyes. Boys Night Out. Blondie. Blue Oyster Cult. Cursive. Copeland. Death Cab For Cutie. Dropkick Murphys.fallout boy GROUP X. Glassjaw. Hellogoodbye. Head Automatica. Hot cross. HomeGrown. Hidden In Plain View. Ima Robot. Iron Maiden.I can make a mess like nobodys business. Interpol. Junior Senior. Motion City Soundtrack. murder by death. Muse. Mae. Nada surf. NIN. Number One Fan. No lindsay. Porcupine Tree. pretty girls make graves. Q and not U. Reggie and the full effect. Rx Bandits. Sadaharu. self against city. Skinny Puppy. The Zax. The Blood Brothers. The Mars Volta. The Get Up kids. The Decemberists. The Cure. The Postal Service. The Pink Spiders. The Brand. Tiger Army.The Blood Brothers. The robot ate me. Tool. The early november.