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bringbriethehorizon 0 posts
3/1/2007 1:01:00 PM
yeah definetly
mrdtb123 0 posts
2/28/2007 8:04:00 PM
im doing good mate, how about you
bringbriethehorizon 0 posts
2/28/2007 2:47:00 PM

i know but
if i get an a on this i can graduate early so it's all gravy
bringbriethehorizon 0 posts
2/28/2007 2:45:00 PM
nothing really
i'm writing a paper
bringbriethehorizon 0 posts
2/28/2007 2:42:00 PM
just a compliment

you also listen to good music
bringbriethehorizon 0 posts
2/28/2007 2:36:00 PM

you're very gorgeous
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
1/25/2006 8:15:00 AM
hey..yea nothing much..boredom..thats about it..haha..
ummmm ah i dont know..hmm..hehe well talk to you later..
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
1/21/2006 1:44:00 AM
hey ha yea i love iced tea..
ha i added you.umm whats up?
.fucktheshutup. 0 posts
1/20/2006 2:40:00 PM
heyy you skate..thats cool. me too.
ha yea talk to you later.
valleymotocross334 0 posts
12/10/2005 8:19:00 PM
im diggin ya band list but there is one band missing AGAINST ME! there awsome u may likje them have a biut of a quize
valleymotocross334 0 posts
12/9/2005 9:25:00 AM
your like sexy
xdeadxpatticusx 0 posts
11/8/2005 11:11:00 PM
i guess its goin alright. im effin tired right now. but its all good. later lovely.

xdeadxpatticusx 0 posts
10/23/2005 6:01:00 PM
hows it going loveliness?

J-Style 0 posts
10/3/2005 4:12:00 AM
You're my hero
devilroad 0 posts
9/11/2005 3:38:00 AM
you have a very good music taste girl, its nice to find girls like you.
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