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Attack Attack! - Attack Attack! (s/t)

GLB_saint   (19 reviews)

Posted: 06/04/2010 | Comments: 19 | Rate:

I tried to listen to this CD with an open mind, when the first track came on, ‘Sweet Man Chocolate’, I was a little surprised with a deeper, more durable scream and a heavier sound, they changed their screamer from their last album to Caleb Shomo their keyboard player who I thought did a fairly good job on ‘Someday Came Suddenly’ (their previous album) regardless of the terrible music, I figured for approximately 20 seconds that they had maybe changed to produce a hardcore sound, not that it was any good, it sounded like Emmure. However, the chorus kicked in and this corny tenor voice sounded out against this rubbish synth, it was terrible, the chorus was terrible, the song was terrible.

This is one of those bands which jumped on the disco/screaming bandwagon for young teens, Enter Shikari managed to get to 4th on the album charts in England, they pulled it off through the Gallows phase as the general public gave hardcore a chance. Attack Attack! came along about 6 months after this, they received some success from there first release, obviously as Enter Shikari moved on to be a rave group from their realisation that the niche market was dead, Attack Attack! have also, deciding to be more heavy, proving that they believe a breakdown can fulfil the role of every verse.

The screaming is better then the last album, and I am a sucker for plenty of double bass peddle, but this music, song structures, are terrible. The slow breakdown at the end of ‘AC-130’ made me stop listening to this drawl. This is the last time I will ever listen to this album.

Every single song on this album consists of awful synth, terrible breakdowns, whiney singing and shitty choruses. The choruses are so bad and with a band like this you need catchy choruses to please your young teen audience. The blend of hardcore and poppy choruses is completely off putting and they get it completely wrong. When ‘Shut your Mouth’ came on I was gobsmacked that they put an electro track on which the drummer Andrew described as ‘electro the states haven’t heard before’, there’s a reason for that, it’s shit, it is so bad I couldn’t actually stand it, the album is just awful, there’s no technical ability apart from their ability to realise an album with plenty of out of tune notes and singing (which with a producer normally shouldn’t happen, he did a crap job), I don’t know what they were thinking. This is worse than Brokencyde, if you like this sort of music give Enter Shikari a listen, they do the dance/screaming the best I reckon, if you want Emmure/Brokencyde/crap Euro dance listen to this terrible compilation of all three.

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husking time
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Means to an end
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Originally posted by: richard mcbeefs army

vanilla gorilla
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i listened to this before sending it out, fucking god awful garbage
Pregnant Smoker
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Originally posted by: jim halpert

Originally posted by: richard mcbeefs army

Lols all fucking day long.
Dog pound
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Genre: Emo - Crappy Crunk Emo
Similar Bands: Enter Shikari, Emmure, A skylit Drive, crap

I have no legs!
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Goddamn it, they have a song called AC-130. I hope I've killed these faggots on MW2 before.
dr. spaceman
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FTW Champion
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I gotta download this!
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Originally posted by: steve grove


U all is jelous. dis band kills it.
Duke Earl
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i downloaded this, skipped through every song (spending a solid 5 seconds on each), then deleted it
I brought gifts
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Originally posted by:drunkbot

i downloaded this, skipped through every song (spending a solid 5 seconds on each), then deleted it

cool bro
pizza is bae
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lol, what a shitty band
Duke Earl
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Originally posted by: Craley

Originally posted by:drunkbot

i downloaded this, skipped through every song (spending a solid 5 seconds on each), then deleted it

cool bro

way better than my input
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I put this back on to laugh at, ended up making me angry.
Addicted to TDWP
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I actually loved Some Day Came Suddenly, as the whole album was bloody catchy.

This new album sounded like they tried to go all tough guy hardcore which isnt their sound. There are maybe 3 good songs off this album and thats it. I dont care about their scene fans and the like, but its too bad they went in this direction.

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